1.Customer selects the Padparadscha sapphire(s) that would be ordered for settings.

Then, make a payment for the selected one. You can select the loose stone via this link Shop Now

Please notify the payment slip to the House of Padparadscha

Line@ : page.line.me/jewelofbkk

Email to : jewelofbkk@gmail.com

2.When the payment has been done, the customer requires the settings design. Please select the design from our collections via this link Collection.

Then, The 3D design will be revealed within 1-2 days. The customer can comment and adjust based on the selected design.

3.When the customer confirms the final design and agrees with the estimated price. The process will take 15-20 days for production.

4.When the item is finished, the customer agree to pay for the settings price

Therefore, the item would be ready to deliver.

5.Afer sale service : customer can send the jewelry for cleaning up (free of charge) and fixing (charge appliedX for its life time.

House Of Padparadscha Ratchaphruek Rd., Bang Ramat, Taling Chan, Bangkok 10170

Tel: 082-282-8334

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