How is your Padparadscha worth?

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How is your Padparadscha worth?

How is your Padparadscha worth?

At present, a top quality Padpadradscha sapphire is very expensive and very high value in the market. About 2-4 carats can be worth up to the millions. But why do we find Padparadcha at a very cheap price on either genuine and imposter ones? Here are some tips how to find out what your Padparadscha is worth with the following principles:

mainly affects the price. The most beautiful color Padparadscha which is often auctioned at a very high price, is orange + pink tones that blend well together. The one is not too dark and not too light. Next are the orange-pink shades, deep shades, shades of Vivid, pinkish-orange shades and shades of pastel.

is matter. Padparadcha weighs at less than 1 carat, is selling at valuable price.  The sapphires usually start at 1 carat and it also fits the ring settings nicely at 1 carat or more. While 2-3 carats are more expensive up to three to five times. Then the 4 carats+ may be seen frequently at auctions. Because it is classified as the rarest sapphire in the world.

Natural of Sapphire.
The unheated Padparadscha sapphires that have not undergone any quality improvement. They are usually traded for a higher price for a “Standard Heated” sapphire **Under the burning process called “BE”, it is not classified as a Padparadscha in the global gemstone market. Because it is an artificial color.

Sapphire with flaws will be priced lower than the one that is relatively clean and the VVS Sapphire class will have a high value.

When your Padparascha sapphire is cut in a beautiful shape, proportional, not distorted, has a deep grinding step, does not crack, does not crumble. Then the Padparadscha is called a beautiful grain. This exact item would be up to a higher price.

Padparadcha possesses a unique color based on its origin. 'Sri Lanka' origin tends to be more expensive than Madagascar, Mozambique, Burma (A special rare colors may also be found at such sites)

The certificate is very important to certify that your sapphire is a Genuine Padparadcha and genuine color. It contains gemstone details and determines the sapphire’s price. Anyway, not all certificates are accepted internationally. As such, when you bring the sapphires to sell out in the USA or Europe with your local certificate. You may be undervalued 

for common sapphires. A popular certificate which has been recognized internationally in the world: Gubelin, GIA, GRS, AGTA, ICA, LOTUS and in Asia, AIGS, Emil Japan, GIL (Canada).

**If you find the cheap Padparadscha sapphires, do not rashly decide to buy. Because it may not be as valuable as you think. You should consider the value that can be increased in the future. The purchasing of gems could have been buying some treasure collection, which the future value may increase unbelievably.

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